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Days of 2014

May 2015
5" x7", hand bound book series – Letterpress

For the year of 2014, I wrote down what I did every day. I created a book series that contains around 320 of the days from 2014 that were then divided into four books. The writings in the books are completely original and personal as I wrote down daily events, thoughts that were going through my mind, and how I was feeling physically and emotionally. The titles of each of the books give a little insight for what days are within. For instance, “Days of Nothing” (magenta spine) holds the days that I did nothing, “Days of Something” (green spine) holds the days where something significant happened, “Days of Anything” (black spine) has days where something happened but wasn’t that important, and “Days of Everything” (brown spine) contains the miscellaneous days. The entire process of typing up the days on my computer (as I had originally hand written them), making them into photopolymer plates, printing the pages using a letterpress, folding and organizing the pages, and binding and covering each of the books took me around three or four weeks of non-stop work to complete it before the Spring Storm Senior Art Show that it was featured in on May 29, 2015.

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