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Design Locality

November 2014
Infographic Book - Adobe InDesign
8" x 8" hand bound book

This hand-bound book was created in my Infographic class with my classmate, Taylor Oyama, and made with designers in mind, specifically for designers coming out of college, and what possible locations they could end up in. The book lists the top seven cities for a person working in the design field. Each spread has one city and lists the population, what percentage of the population are between the ages of 25 and 34, what the cost of rent for a studio and one bedroom apartment would be in that city, what the walking, biking, and transit scores are, and what the cost of living (utilities, groceries, and overall) in each city is. Each spread also gives a blurb of what the city is all about as well as highlights a color from the city's flag.

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